Bethany Lachlann

Alexander channing starts with an interest with girls with red hair one of many obsessions this pours into the Nun obsession since Mrs. Dome later he finds himself questioning his obsessions of redheads and sex mixed with torture and murder if there is a line is this where that line is drawn, however he’s compelled to cross the line, he realizes the line is simply arbitrary and is redefined by the mind’s eye or compulsions.

His developing love interest is Bethany, she is opinionated, intelligent, she sees the potential in others even when they are hidden from themselves, she is an articulate strong person, with a confirming voice she changes and sways minds, and deflects arguments to a mutual conversation, she could manipulate and play a persona but prefers not to entertain the thought, she will always concede to the kind act first before giving in to malice.

------as we enter into another OctoberSpree with the Killer Game, announcing another girl in Alexander's life, his new entanglements and obsessions to killing, the living forest amongst other upcoming announcements, his brief separation from the family and the reemergence of Sargent Arisha Cusae into the sequel.

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