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Dream scene of chapter 5



I stayed awake long enough for him to finish his story then I went to sleep.



            “A house,” I said out loud.


            It was an old two-storied, white plantation house with four large pillars that held the front balcony. Large French style windows and a large concrete porch wrapped around the house. When opened, the large wooden double doors made for a grand entrance. I found myself amongst others walking down a gravel path towards the house before us.


            Stopping for a moment, I looked around and noticed that it was nighttime. Next, I saw Bethany walking alongside me with another girl and another guy. Somehow I knew that her sister Sarah accompanied us, but the other guy I did not know. I could only assume that this was Sarah’s boyfriend. My gaze found its way back to Bethany’s eyes.


            “Al, is there something wrong?” Bethany asked. “Are you alright?”

            “Ah, yes I am fine.” I said as I wiped the beads of sweat from my forehead.


            An indentation appeared for a few moments between her eyebrows. Oddly, I knew that this meant she was studying my actions. At times I would look into the void of night and then look back at them. Only Bethany took notice of my weird behavior, then I would look to the house, I repeated these steps several times, but on the final time I had stopped in my tracks.


            “Yes I am fine. Where are you taking me again?”

Bethany answered me with an odd look while Sarah chimed in, “We are going to an abandoned house.” Sarah smiled as she looked at Bethany before she continued. “Bethany has something to show you, remember?” 

Bethany then spoke, “It’s a good thing that he’s cute because he lacks common sense.”


            Then she laughed a little, with a smile Bethany nudged her sister.


            “Shut up,” she chuckled. “He’s right here.” 


            By this time, the weirdness revealed itself. I was dreaming and now I knew this, I could allow the dream to move on without my reluctance. I followed two steps behind everyone else, Bethany spoke to her sister and Sarah’s boyfriend added a few things once in awhile. We stopped at the porch in front of the house and I stopped furthest from everyone else.


            “I take it that he doesn’t like groups?” Sarah acknowledged.


            Bethany replied by smiling.


            “Alex come on.” Bethany said as she encouraged me toward the house.


            Sarah’s boyfriend picked the lock to the front door and moments later we were inside. Sarah’s boyfriend disappeared into one of the rooms, then soon reemerged carrying a kerosene lamp. He lit the fabric wick and adjusted the flame.


            “There are lamps all throughout the house. The power is on in this house, but do not turn on any of the lights. Nothing that would lead to suspicion. Other than that, let's have some fun.”


            I entered the house and the light from the candles lit the corners and crevices in the waiting area. I was speechless as to how well the house had held up. The marble floors and steps, the intricate designs within the wooden walls and doors, the large impressive chandelier high above our heads; and the high angled shape of the ceiling. I opened a few rooms to gaze in then I moved up the stairs then I came back down.


            “This house is impressive,” I muttered.


            Yet, before I could utter the rest of my sentence, my eyes captured a set of double sliding wooden doors slightly cracked open with a soft hue of light forcing its way into a seem of mysteries that possessed my mind. Without a word I quickly moved across the waiting room to the doors. With a swift motion I opened both doors to reveal a private den. Bookshelves lined the room, and soon I noticed that the bookshelves were built into the walls. A wooden ladder that was set into grooves ran along a guiding rail. By this enticed me to enter as my nose was overwhelmed with the pleasant scent of old books, light dust, leather, wood, and a faint smell of cigar smoke.


            The heavy detailed woven throw rugs and the walnut colored leather chairs were carefully placed around the room. A large wooden desk rested at the head of the room. The legs of the desk were thick, sturdy, and all ended with lion’s paw grasping the ground. Looking around I noticed that all of the furniture had this design. I had always fancied a den such as this. It had but one unusually small window that allowed a modest amount of light to cascade through the brooding den.


            A moment later, Bethany lit one of several lamps that blended in with the decor. She stood in the center of the room as I on the other hand was pacing back and forth along the books. Inviting the feel of the covers along my fingertips, left in awe by the endless subjects and endless authors over a span of many lifetimes. Bethany called out my name yet it went unnoticed.


            Books in hand I partially made my way across the room when; Bethany abruptly moved into my direction.


            “I have to admit,” Bethany stated. “My reasons for bringing you here are selfishly motivated. I hope you do not mind?”

            “I thank you for bringing me here,” I said in response. “You are right, I would enjoy myself here.”

            “Yes, that being so, you must understand that is not the reason why I brought you here tonight!”

            “There is not a television or games that would occupy our time. So what else could we do in a den full of books other than to read?”


            Bethany was starting to frustrate me. As I stood quietly waiting for an answer she looked back at me with one eyebrow slightly elevated as though to say without a word 'aaannnddd?'


            A few moments passed as I stumbled to connect the dots then only one explanation remained. I slightly opened my mouth since it went dry suddenly. Bethany stepped into me with a kiss and I dropped the books to the floor. I embraced her body rubbing against my own as my fingers easily found their way underneath her shirt. I touched her bare flesh and down her backside when I realized the door was still open. I pulled away from her kiss, but not the embrace.


            “We need to close the door,” I quietly said.    

            “I got the door,” I heard Sarah say. She smiled to me and at that moment I realized this was planned.


            Bethany’s hand guided my face back to her direction and once again our lips locked, deep and vigorously, with such passion each movement had purpose and meaning. It felt so real, the heavy breathing, sweating and coming close to orgasm.


            I heard myself moan when I suddenly awoke from this vivid dream. It was still dark and I was sweating, my heart pounding hard in my chest. Since Dome was not around, my hand was looking good right now; but I have to control this. I turned to my side and then the other. Soon, I looked at the time in frustration, it was 3:47 am. Still several hours before I would have to get up. I tossed and turned for another forty-five minutes before I fell back to sleep, but this time I did not dream.


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