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These are two of three Mugs that will turn up around October this year, the Third one is a killer surprise, I am currently working on the cover artwork for the hardcover edition, I am currently happy with the direction the sequel of Lustful Avidity is heading, I am finalizing the current projects i have worked on and will be announcing,  I am currently working on the second part of the interesting character hope to get this out soon, I will be announcing the living forest and location that will be upcoming, I will be making some changes to the website

To all the fans this would be nothing without you...

Thank you, I am a fan of my fans !Always!

lustful mug.jpg

We have Lustful Avidity for the killing art, also the eBook image or printed cover, special editions will be coming this year!

           Updates are forthcoming!



          Hello Fans and all...

I just added a new Interesting Character to the website, i hope you all read and enjoy it, i would like and invite conversation.

I will be announcing if there will be an OctoberSpree this year, if so i would like to do some changes this year and add a few items that i could not add last year.   02/12/2022

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October 5th 2021

Welcome to OctoberSpree 4

we started in late this month for a number of reasons but OctoberSpree is here and so is the Killer Game, I will be updating about the second books and pushing game with clues and puzzles to figure out, a few new announcements and stories about how i developed the characters and the plot of the story of Lustful Avidity for the killing art, we started the Killer Game October 5th


Current event

John Cabral June 2016


Soon i will be announcing the contest

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Upcoming projects

John Cabral June 2016

The second book is in progress, i will be needing a model for the cover, I will be making the announcement once the book is in editing




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Available at Amazon

I recently added two new pages to my website BeanShop Excerpt, and BeanShop Excerpt 2. both take small sections from the book to be read by curious viewers, and as always,






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