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Upcoming Events and announcements

January 2024

Latest update:

Welcome to the LA Legion Patreon page, I am happy to announce that this icon is for this page. this is for fans /supporters of LA legion a main square for a circle of fans!

The Book Lustful Avidity

for the killing art is here! it's available in eBook revised, Softcover 2nd edition, and

NEW hardcover!


To all our fans!

Too all the fans and with the support of LA Legion, I am excited to announce that the revision of Lustful Avidity for the killing art will be completed between the 21st of December 2023 to the 6th of January 2024.

If it is unknown to all my fans, I am independent author, I work a full-time job also i supply and maintain both books, the website and Facebook, other media outlets, and OctoberSpree, Mugging Mondays, and other ventures, so I will be adding a donation section within LA Legion’s page to support more content, the books, and larger prizes during OctoberSpree.

All of what you see is through my hard work and your support. The updated page on LA Legion will be coming soon in the next few weeks.


The work being completed for the revision of the first book called Lustful Avidity -for the killing art was to be completed within three steps.

First step:

I diligently worked alongside an amazing person who initially took my concept to be a cover of this book and sculpted it into reality with astonishing detail, addition to the cover page to match.

I used an online service to add new illustrations to the book, added new pages and enlarged the font.

Second step:

My collaboration with an editor has served to be both annoying and frustrating since I have yet to find one who will take up the challenge and/or being affiliated with my work due to some media coverage. In fact, one of the universities had dropped the editing contract due to the nature of my book and the high-profile case thus far. This process has been the only delay to date, it’s currently in process.


Third step:

With the revised edition i will make available in both editions’ softcover and hardback. The first 100 sold will have a signature copy (special edition ) priced different with added content.

The E-book will remain with the same cover, but the editing will be changed.



For the previous winners make sure your contact information is current, within the 2nd week of November if I have not contacted you, then your response is necessary for your winnings.


The Progression of the second book named Lustful Avidity -for the madness.

The writing of this book has taken a much longer time-span, than expected, with natural disasters, family members and friends passings, also moving to a new home, soon my work will be moving as well.

I have known since the completion of the first book that the sequel could be double the page count set from the first book, currently the 2nd book is at page 368 condensed, and I am not in the middle of this book yet.

Repeatedly I have been asked about LA Legion logo with Lustful Avidity book, so there are no confusion LA Legion is part of the books and website, this will also be an addition inside the book.

This upcoming holiday I will be making a lot of visual and actual changes to the website, I will be placing links to all media platforms.

An unread book is an author’s fading thought, thank you to all who have so far supported the website and books and please support the work,

Thank you!


Welcome to a New year 2023:

Unfortunately for the last part of December and first few weeks into 2023 the coastal shore and mountains were bombarded by massive storm after another, for a awhile I was displaced and much of what I would be working on was placed on hold, the area is still under watch for mudslides, rocks and trees falling yet I have returned to this area and continuing my work, I have delayed the Living Forest project due to the Pandemic, the California fires, and now the floods but I remain determined with respect to nature.


This week is the final touches to the cover of Lustful Avidity-for the killing art.

I am working on a few new applications, and added subjects, content that I will be implementing however there is no timeline for this yet,

We have new content for the online store(soon) and for OctoberSpree.

Due to other work(s) being completed I have time to put into writing the sequel and struggling with the editor.

My editor is wanting to make drastic and grammar changes that I have struggled against.

I have been working with a well-known illustrator and I am very excited to say so far, I am satisfied with the cover design for the books, for the ones that receive my updates and are already members this will be reiteration of the announcement however if you’re new to the site and not yet a member this will be news. The new cover will only be updated for the softcover and (NEW) hardcover editions, I am looking to create a giveaway for the first few who becomes a member of the site will be entered in to receive a free copy (hardcover) we are still working out the details!

I will announce start dates for this contest.

I will be updating changes to both the website and Facebook to reflect schedule and one-on-one chats, new content and contests!

I will be bringing another site to the fold, merging with Lustful Avidity Legion.


Please continue to support your independent authors by becoming a member to the website Lustful and purchasing the works, a world with just writer’s is a point without meaning!


Your fan J. Cabral.






It's the first Monday of 2023, Happy MuGGing Monday! as always Don't Mug a coffee shop, Go MuG a stranger!

LA pic.jpg


                            Updates for December 30th 2022 closing year!


I have added a new store online, with MuGs of varies types and sizes, shirts and much more to be added later.

The new logo on the MuG and shirt will be available as soon as January 1st  2023.

Finishing up with my editor, I am clearly not seeing eye to eye with the changes he wants to make, so this process is still in the works and is the main reason for the delay.

My Illustrator is hitting a wall with some online issues that has occurred, I am looking to finish up soon!

Currently I will keep the eBook cover as it is but change to the NEW edited version.

The soft cover book will have the new cover but much later in the year, the change will be the added NEW edited version.

The NEW Hardcover book with the new cover and updated edited version will be sold directly from my website and I will be giving away new copies to the first hundred that sign up for the website subscription.

I will be adding a new contest upcoming!

I have new rules added to OctoberSpree, and the MuGs for the winners online that are unique to them specifically and will have the year amongst other items that will be unique to the winners! compared to the seasonal others/or copies of OctoberSpree MuGs, you will see New MuGGing Monday MuGs!

This upcoming year:

I will have a better idea when the sequel will be done and a launch date for it.

With that announcement I will also update the website and merchandise as well.

                                                                                                                  J. C.












We have added another page to this website, i will be announcing soon!

also starting January 1st the website will be under a subscription to help with the price spike with this site and the book(s) also cover and shipments, this site will be accessed by subscription only. I am still working with my illustrator for the new cover, also the editor, working on the sequel of the book, by mid-2023 everything that i mentioned should be completed.


I will also be adding a few new items. I will be posting subscription prices monthly before January 1st 2023.

Thank you to all my fans!!!

Lustful Mug2.jpg

These are two of three Mugs that will turn up around October this year, the Third one is a killer surprise, I am currently working on the cover artwork for the hardcover edition, I am currently happy with the direction the sequel of Lustful Avidity is heading, I am finalizing the current projects i have worked on and will be announcing,  I am currently working on the second part of the interesting character hope to get this out soon, I will be announcing the living forest and location that will be upcoming, I will be making some changes to the website

To all the fans this would be nothing without you...

Thank you, I am a fan of my fans !Always!

lustful mug.jpg

We have Lustful Avidity for the killing art, also the eBook image or printed cover, special editions will be coming this year!

           Updates are forthcoming!



          Hello Fans and all...

I just added a new Interesting Character to the website, i hope you all read and enjoy it, i would like and invite conversation.

I will be announcing if there will be an OctoberSpree this year, if so i would like to do some changes this year and add a few items that i could not add last year.   02/12/2022

IMG_20210817_193000_973 (2).jpg

October 5th 2021

Welcome to OctoberSpree 4

we started in late this month for a number of reasons but OctoberSpree is here and so is the Killer Game, I will be updating about the second books and pushing game with clues and puzzles to figure out, a few new announcements and stories about how i developed the characters and the plot of the story of Lustful Avidity for the killing art, we started the Killer Game October 5th


Current event

John Cabral June 2016


Soon i will be announcing the contest

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Upcoming projects

John Cabral June 2016

The second book is in progress, i will be needing a model for the cover, I will be making the announcement once the book is in editing




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Available at Amazon

I recently added two new pages to my website BeanShop Excerpt, and BeanShop Excerpt 2. both take small sections from the book to be read by curious viewers, and as always,






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