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One of two Lustful Mug types i am happy to announce.

We have Lustful Avidity for the killing art, also the eBook image or printed cover, special editions will be coming this year,

Writing the first book was not easy, after it was completed its easy to dismiss all of the issues that occurred. as i stood, hesitating, anticipating, second-guessing, to move forward knowing some of what i written derived from past truths to hold to the characters realistic manifestation of being into existence while acknowledging the strife, pain and life came from experiences of my own.

This truth opened unto the next, that many would be reading this book, i was gripped with fear, nervousness anxiety while still going over in my mind "did i make all the necessary corrections and i need to go over the book again just another day, then another and another"  with the completed work, later i ventured into writing the sequel of the book.

Open Book

Lustful Avidity

for the killing art

for the madness

The first book is written and much is said about the book.  the sequel



In the process of writing

Brick Wall


The Killer Game (Contest) and the different profiles.


Lustful Avidity           Interesting Character

Samantha   Channing

Sgt. Arisha Cusae

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The process of writing the sequel of Lustful Avidity for the killing art.

   Just like the first book i started writing the second book in pen, printer paper, simply sat down and started writing.

My thoughts on writing the first and second book (Freestyle).

        Writing the first book compared to the second book, the progression of the story was easy enough to push forward, however the new characters, their personalities and how they would fit into this story, this would be a challenge but never did I realize the most challenging part would be how the new game would unfold then evolve as the plot continued, the next challenge was to figure out how many side stories if any I would unwind simultaneously as the main plot commenced.

Returning to the first book, the plot and how it evolved was easy, I had most of it done in my head but simply had not written it down, hence, so much to write, I worried if I portrayed each of the characters to their likeness, unique to each other yet a complimentary contrast to the main character.

The main characters thoughts and actions had to be distinct from all others even though his thoughts would describe their actions, yet the main character is narrating his thoughts, perceptions of others, this was purposely written to be one-sided at times, there were times the actions of others counteracted his own perceptions of his prediction of their reactions would be, I meant for him to encounter mistakes within his own perception, judgment, and ego.

Into the second book, as he realizes he’s capable of mistakes, his depravity and some of his cruelty has no bound, many times I have mentioned his living forest this is a place surrounded by trees, a clearing, a place for his dead to reside. This is also hinted in OctoberSpree 5.

Many of the places I mentioned within the first book and the living forest are in fact real places, which I have kept untold to their actual locations except for one.

I am not a fan of my autobiography, I find it to be boring since I have lived through it, however I was motivated to speaking about aspects of my life so I came up with writing a fictional character and story in the curiosity of my own self reflections what if I changed a few situations in my life would I ended up a completely different person from who I am now, with fiction I could imagine anything, this would be limitless.

So far, I have no desire to stop writing, I enjoyed the story and I hope all the fans feel the same way and continue to support Lustful Avidity as it continues to grow! My fans are the best!!!

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