Sergeant Arisha Cusae

In the first book I wrote about a head strong determined woman investigator who was tasked to lead the investigation of a string of murders that eventually led her to Alexander Channing’s house whose mother was brutally killed, but she was investigating the Nun Mary or Mrs. Dome’s alleged abuse and rape of Alexander Channing, as ongoing as the investigation spiraled into a blazing dumpster fire, she also led the second investigation of the ongoing string of murders in the area, as she had strongly

suspected Alex to be the main and only suspect in his mother’s killing however with little to no leads or clues to link him to her or any murders she later had to recuse herself as lead investigator on his case and leave cases cold but not forgotten as she blatantly remined Alexander if he continued on this path, she would not be far from him, just before his departure.

if you want to know about Arisha Cusae and more in the second book check it out on this website also reach out out to me at

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