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Lustful Avidity


Set in mid-1970‘s suburbia, Lustful Avidity for the Killing Art is a psychological thriller told through the eyes of teenage murderer, Alexander Channing.


Alex is troubled with school, his home life, and later his girlfriend Bethany. His story ventures down the dark and depraved mind of a young killer who develops his skills throughout his adolescence. All of this leads up to a pivotal moment where his mistakes have tragic consequences that he must come to grips with. Meanwhile, Sergeant Arisha Cusae discovers these murders hide a more sadistic scheme than first realized. Due to Alex’s youthful arrogance and his own shortsightedness, he also is unaware of a person looking to set him up in connection with the string of murders.

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Alexander Channing

main character


Eric Channing

Brother to Alexander


John Channing

Father to alexander and Eric


Samantha Channing

John's wife, mother to Eric and Alexander


Chrystal Massey

Alex's first victim


Sandra Clayton

Alex's other victim


Amy Devonshire

another of Alex's victims


Lorie Wadgeworth

a girl from school who obsessively liked Alex


Bethany Lachlann

Alex's girlfriend


Saraphina Lachlann

Bethany's sister


Mrs. Dome

AKA Sister Mary


Sister Johanna

Nun, Alex's victim


Dr. Richards

A Psychotherapist who analyzed Alex


Sgt. Arisha Cusae

Lead investigator


Officer Heidi Canto

assist Sgt. Arisha Cusae's investigation















Chapter 1     Childhood


Chapter 2     14 Living in hell


Chapter 3     oh Sandra, sympathy devoid


Chapter 4     Amy Devonshire


Chapter 5     Dr. Richards


Chapter 6     The Beast


Chapter 7     Of Beast and Bethany


Chapter 8     Heidi Canto -The Game


Chapter 9     Reshuffle


Lustful Avidity

    for the killing art             Book I

Lustful Avidity

     for the killing art                               Book II


   Chapter 1 

           The Funeral


Information regarding the sequel to Lustful Avidity for the killing art will be displayed here at a later date.

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