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Set in mid-1970‘s suburbia, Lustful Avidity for the Killing Art is a psychological thriller told through the eyes of teenage murderer, Alexander Channing.


Alex is troubled with school, his home life, and later his girlfriend Bethany. His story ventures down the dark and depraved mind of a young killer who develops his skills throughout his adolescence. All of this leads up to a pivotal moment where his mistakes have tragic consequences that he must come to grips with. Meanwhile, Sergeant Arisha Cusae discovers these murders hide a more sadistic scheme than first realized. Due to Alex’s youthful arrogance and his own shortsightedness, he also is unaware of a person looking to set him up in connection with the string of murders.

Lustful Avidity - for the killing art

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  • This is a special edition Lustful Avidity for the killing art added signed by the author, New Hardcover edition with a new look.

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